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It all started in 1998 with our foundation bitch, which we named so lovingly after our favorite singer at the time-“Seger”.

Seger was a sweet dog with a face like a puppy until even her last days. She graced us with many wonderful companions for others as well as ourselves. We kept a pup from her first litter and named her “Segers Golden Bullet CD”, call name “Emma”.

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Emma lived for 14 years and was obedient even to her death. She was the BEST! She was my first dog to achieve getting an Obedience title with a Therapy Dog title as well.

Seger also was accredited towards having a Therapy dog title. The dogs traveled everywhere with us , vacations, the vet clinic with me every day, visited nursing homes, hospitals, schools and play yards as well as many dog classes and shows.


Christmas with Emma and Seger
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Golden Retriever puppies
Since Seger and Emma, there have been many others owned and co-owned.
We now have in our family,

Sunni”(Golden Acres Sunspot Baby CD)
6-1997 to 4-2008

Sunni brings in the milk
pet boarding and grooming southeast Michigan
Abbey”(Golden Acres Precious Gem)
3-2002 to 2012
Luna”(Golden Acres Shame on the Moon CD)
born 2-2003.
Storm”(Golden Acres American Storm)
born 6-2003.
Ribbon” (Golden Acres Little Victories)
born 8-2004.
ObieObadiah(Golden Acres Travelin Man)
born 6-2005.
Page” (Golden Acres Turn the Page)
born 6-2008.
Gemma(Golden Acres Like a Rock)
born 8-2009.
Windy” (Golden Acres Against the Wind)
born 9-2010.